Jroll brand and packaging

A new lifestyle brand that preparing the perfect cone at the touch of a button.

Design strategy, Product design, Planning, UX/UI, Branding, Packaging.

Cleint: Jroll Tech LTD / 2019
Designed by Pearlman Daniel, Yulia Barak, Omer Gabay


The Jroll X10 is the first Generation product of Jroll Company, launched a new lifestyle
brand for cannabis users that grinds and fills pre-rolled cones.

Jroll has reinterpreted the usual use of rolling joints in daily life and aims to make a device that preparing the perfect cone at the touch of a button. Preparing a cone can struggle for many people, and for some even physically impossible. The X10  benefit and improve the lives of those that need this in their daily routine for medical purposes.

The studio focus on entire Design process  to create a product that changing people’s smoking habits by providing the best experience of rolling cones,
Reliable device with intuitive user  experience and elegant look which allows
for low production cost.

with an embedded spring that makes it easy to extract the cone.

Tube form  evolution

Jroll X10 package


The logo type represents the bottom curve of the product and Towering up.


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