We invent, design and develop products and brands that perform in the real world. We work across strategy, industrial Design, engineering, identity and packaging.

Our work

Our approach is partly creative, partly technical, and partly business. We emphasize honesty and simplicity in our design that is not only aesthetic but also functional and meaningful

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Global Footprint

We work with big corporations, SMEs that want to do good and make the world healthier and happier.We also provide support and advice to ambitious startups that are at the beginning And always strive to break out globally.

We've helped startups become multi-million dollar brands and investors are interested in investing.we collaborate with established companies to foster innovation, maintain a competitive edge and improve their long-term business sustainability.

Our Partners say that...

I've worked with Daniel for 3 years on pharma and medical equipment projects. His exceptional designs showcase professionalism and high business intelligence. Daniel is my go-to for every new project.

Guy Shtaigman, CEO

We have been working with Daniel for the last 5 years, and I can say without hesitation, he is one of the most talented and creative designers I met. What makes him a unique designer, is his dedication to produce, not only the best design possible, but the best product possible. Unlike many designers I met, Daniel always gives us his complete and truthful opinion,anywhere he thinks he can help make the product better.

Elad Yakobson, CEO

Daniel is a professional that puts his heart into every project he takes. Working with Daniel on our product from the very start of development has been invaluable and the end results were way beyond our expectations and a reflection of Dani's passion and work. Together with a team of engineers, Daniel helped us form and bring our first product from a simple concept to an amazing end product and design.

Jaron Veelo, Founder

We have been working with Daniel over the past two years on a range of innovation projects. Throughout the process, the experts from Daniel proved his ability to adapt to the client’s frame of mind while sensibly insisting on the right standards of user experience. Daniel experts quickly assimilated the relevant knowledge domain and fully adapted to dynamic workloads. As a result, there is a proven improvement in the quality and ease of use of our products. Today Daniel is an inseparable part of the development process. Daniel has extensive experience in the innovation product field, which is expressed in its clear and organized work processes.

David Lempert, VP R&D

From the point we met Daniel we knew that we have found the right person that will design our first innovative product. It was his way of thinking, focusing on the small details and his understanding on how to implement the right designs, knowing the whole manufacturing process that assured us trust and professionalism.We look forward having Daniel designing all of our future products. 

Roy Hen, Founder

When you look for someone who will understand your needs and do it better than your professional dreams, you work with Daniel

Ilan Triger, Founder