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Designed by Pearlman Daniel, Shirly Ohava

Brand strategy
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Encer is a homeopathic formula solution for Cancer Treatment-Related Fatigue (CTRF). It is clinically approved and as a safe non-chemical product, Encer co-resides with conventional cancer treatments without additional side effects.
Encer's mission is to stand with patients during their moments of difficulty and help them retrieve vitality and energy when most needed.

The name ENCER represents answers to fatigue symptoms associated with cancer.Creating a brand experience for Encer Medical began by defining its goals and identifying the target audience to communicate confidence, calmness, and energy, to patient's who's suffering from cancer. This strategy differentiates the brand from other drugs available on the market.We defined the brand vision and value, message and Packaging to gain a strong storytelling and value structure. 

The Encer symbol, the + sign, known from the medical industry, is differentiated by rounding the corners to obtain a smooth, complete shape that symbolizes the homeopathic supplements and a positive feeling of cancer-related fatigue. 

The pattern of Encer is an element that gives a visual motif and symbolizes the fatigue action. The pattern can be used in various application media and combine movement to make a Positive spark and focal point to express the brand more effectively.