Mechanical industrial design

Crystal vision

Digital imaging system for sorting out fish.

Design strategy, Industrial design, Planning, UX.
Cleint: Cristalvision LTD / 2014
Designed by Pearlman Daniel
The project was done during work at Intovision.

Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish

In this primitive industry,there are still a people that count thousands of fish every day and filter them into separate containers according to their coloration.
This sorting machine was designed for Crystal Vision Ltd. who designs and develops automation and control systems for the agricultural industry.
​In fish farms, there is a daily routine of selecting the fish in ponds and containers.
The work is demanding in terms of complexity and manpower requirements.​​​​​​​Crystal Visions machine sorts out and distributes different quantities and types of fish to different buckets by digital imaging algorithms

The Process