Magdent, medical industrial design

Magdent Activator

Re-branding of the Magdent Miniaturized Electromagnetic Device (MED), an electronic medical product for the dental market.

Cleint: Magdent LTD / 2016
Designed by Pearlman Daniel
Engineering by  Roni Dafan


Strategic research
Industrial design
Colour, material and finish
Design for manufacture
Brand development
Art direction

The Activator activates the batteries used to operate the electromagnetic implants used bythe Magdent MED. It is made from quality poly-carbonate plastic with a decorativeetching around the surface and is designed as an aesthetic product that standson a dentist’s treatment table or chair. While the battery is being charged, ablue halo created by crystals that shade the light omitted by the LEDs, isemitted from the device. The halo is red once the battery is charged or notactivated.The MED utilizes electromagnetic fields to stimulate,accelerate and improve bone formation and quality for shorter and moresuccessful dental implant procedures and suppresses bone infections.

The process